HR Toolkit FAQ

HR Toolkit FAQ

How can you guarantee product quality at such an affordable price? 

A passion for HR and extensive years of experience have allowed the Kickstart HR team to create a complete, professional product for the marketplace. All HR and business professionals should have access to these tools to help fast track HR program development and free up time to focus on effective implementation. Regular reviews and client feedback continue to keep the product relevant and of high-quality.

Can we add our logo on the tools and HR training materials? 

Yes you can. However, you need to leave the copyright at the bottom of each page.

How do I obtain the tools after I purchase? 

When you buy the HR tools and programs you'll receive a ZIP file containing your tools within 48 hours.

What if I leave my current company — can I take the tools with me? 

Once purchased, the tools belong to the company for which they were purchased. If you wish to use these tools at your next organization, you simply need to re-purchase them.

I am a consultant; can I use these tools for my clients? 

Yes. As a consultant, each time you work with a new client, a new set of tools must be purchased by the organization. The Kickstart HR tools and programs are owned and used by the purchasing organization and not licensed to individuals. Consultants can purchase the product on behalf of their clients.

Do you provide consulting services to help with implementation / tailoring these tools if required? 

Absolutely. Please send an email to or phone us at 778.999.5782 and we will refer you to one of our trusted associates.

Can I buy sections of the toolkit as opposed to the entire package? 

Yes. The Kickstart HR product has been modularized and priced per section. We feel that all sections are of great value and have offered over a 40% discount if the entire product is bought as a one-time sale. Companies should be aware that this special offer does not extend if additional products are bought at a later date buyers must purchase the entire toolkit as a one-time sale to qualify for the $1999 price.

Am I able to preview all the tools before purchasing? 

We realize how important it is for organizations to review the quality of the tools before purchasing. In each section, we have several tools that can be previewed by clicking on the links with   . This will give organizations the opportunity to assess the quality while protecting the intellectual property of the tools and programs. We also have a Toolkit Preview as a downloadable PDF available on the site for you to review samples of the tools and programs prior to purchasing.

How much time and money will these tools save me? 

To create the entire Kickstart HR Toolkit, a year of research and development was undertaken. Based on conservative consulting rates, the entire products monetary value is in the tens of thousands. The tools and programs save an organization approximately 10 months of research and design work (remember, we did this for you) and is valued at over $80,000 USD. It is available to your organization for a one-time fee of just $1,999 CDN.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the tools after I purchase them? 

Please send an email to or call us at 778.999.5782.